1. Understanding the MP MIDI Controller Ports

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The HDMI provides a video signal to the display, however it does not provide power. When the HDMI is not connected (but it has power) the display will go to sleep within 2 seconds. 

On a Mac or PC with thunderbolt, it is possible to connect a Thunderbolt cable on the USB-C Display port of the controller, instead of HDMI, but not both.

The USB-C Display port is used to provide power to the monitor and it is also used to send touch data to the computer from the monitor.

If your monitor flickers (does not stay on) you can use the Y-cable to provide power and touch data.

It’s recommended to use the Y-cable in any case, because it will lessen the power load on the computer’s USB port. It is also recommended to connect this port directly on the computer and not via a hub.

The USB-C MIDI port is used to send/receive MIDI data (MIDI Controller) to/from the computer. The hardware is listed as C1-xMP1 on both Mac OS and Windows. 

On this port you can use longer usb cables if you need to. Connect only with a USB-C to USB-A cable (not USB-C to USB-C).

*Model 2A has an additional power port for the display which it can be connected on external power adapter. This port should be connected only when there is not enough power provided by the computer’s USB port for the display.

Common connection diagram

  1. HDMI to graphics card or docking station (ie in the case of a laptop with thunderbolt)

  1. Display USB-C to any USB-A port (computer, hub or docking station) and optionally you can use the Y-cable for this connection. 

  1. MIDI USB-C port to any USB-A port (computer, hub or docking station). Connect only with a USB-C to USB-A cable (not USB-C to USB-C).

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