1. Display and Touch Setup on Windows

Modified on Thu, 19 Oct 2023 at 08:59 AM

On Windows, first disable the Taskbar on Multiple Displays

Then, choose to Extend the Displays, from Display Settings

Set, the magnification (Scaling) on Windows to 100% on the MP Controller’s display.

(if you have a different setting, the MPH plugin or hosted plugins may look either too big or out of bounds, showing partially instead of full)

First select the display that is the MP Controller and it will turn blue

   And make sure it is set to 100%

Windows 10/11 Touchscreen setup

For Model 1A+/2A see this guide

For Model 1A see this guide

Getting “No Signal” and then “Power Saving”

If you see a No Signal it means the monitor is powered properly.

If after the “No Signal” you see “Power Saving” it means that the monitor is not receiving video signal from the HDMI port and goes to power saving sleep mode.

In most systems you need to connect the USB-C cable first and then the HDMI to provide video signal

If you have the HDMI connected, disconnect and reconnect it to initiate the video signal from the computer to the controller’s monitor

If you are getting “No Signal” and then “Power Saving” when connecting with a USB-C to USB-C cable then it means the monitor is receiving enough power, but not video signal. Connect the HDMI.

Windows 10: a menu item does not appear on screen

If using a 4k monitor and the MP Controller and If a menu does not appear in the controller’s screen then try this:

Right click on the DAW exe program file and choose properties

Then click high DPI settings and try these options

Disable Auto-Scaling in Ableton Live on Windows

If you have set the scaling to one of your other monitors to more than 100% then some menus of the MP Host may appear bigger and not centered.

To solve this issue disable the Auto-scale on the MPH plugins in Ableton by right clicking once on each MPH from the plugin list .




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