1. Using UPDD for enhanced touch functionality

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Mac OS X Touchscreen Model 1A+

The first time, connect the Display USB, using the cable provided, directly on the Mac (not via a hub to eliminate any possibilities of issues). It should show up under System Report > USB as “MP Controller Touch Screen”. 

Touch will work, but the mouse cursor needs to be on the MP Controller’s touch screen to control that screen. 

UPDD takes care of this, along with other benefits such as the Smart Magnifier, right click function and many more. 

Mac OS X Touchscreen Model 1A

The touch needs to show up first in System Report as G2TSP Multi touch display under USB. Then you can install UPDD for the touch function to work

The touchscreen works as mouse input, therefore when you touch the screen it gets the mouse cursor. If you touch and drag, it behaves in the same way as clicking and dragging with the mouse. 

For up to Mac OSX Mojave, the touchscreen monitor does not need any drivers and works with the native Mac OSX drivers when connected. However on Mojave, the mouse position needs to be on the touchscreen so to enhance the workflow we have these 3 suggestions.

Enhanced touch functionality via UPDD

For enhanced touch functionality on Mac and Windows, such as the smart magnifier, you can get the UPDD software from https://touch-base.com/controllerbyte at a discounted price for a lifetime license and 3 years of receiving updates and support.

The Smart Magnifier is available in the version of the UPDD released in October 2022.

UPDD offers the following important benefits and others such as multi-gesture configurations:

1. If the mouse is not located on the touchscreen then touch will affect where the mouse is currently located. UPDD transfers the mouse pointer to the touch screen automatically.

2. The smart magnifier

3. Returning the mouse position to its previous position after gesture

4. Keep the keyboard focused on the DAW after a gesture.

There is a trial available to download it prior to purchasing.

After installing UPDD, you will need to run Identify from UPDD in order to select the target monitor



Gestures for the smart magnifier are preset in UPDD (tap with 2 fingers to magnify). 

Optionally you can also setup your own gestures.

Enable the Commander in Screen Recording

Don’t forget to enable the Commander in Screen Recording, otherwise the smart magnifier will appear on the desktop instead of the MP Host plugin window (hiding the MP Host window) seehttps://support.touch-base.com/Documentation/50778/Smart-Magnifier 


A very helpful setting in the UPDD settings is the Reset mouse cursor after a gesture action ends.  This option automatically returns the mouse pointer back to its previous position after you finish with a touchscreen gesture. 



Alternatively, see these mouse to touchscreen suggestions

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