7. Automation in the DAW

Modified on Wed, 07 Feb 2024 at 02:39 AM

Single MPH Automation

Your DAW will see 128 parameters available for automation for each MPH plugin. You can automate these parameters the usual way as with any other plugin. (Ableton Live update: If you are using the AU version of the MPH you need to have one automation point before recording automation in Ableton Live, in VST3 this is not needed)

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Multi Host Automation

In the multiplugin, 128 parameters in total can be automated. 

However, you can set in the ENCODER OPTIONS the parameter ID to be automated. This is the number with red font on the bottom right corner in the ENCODER OPTIONS. To automate in the multiplugin, click ENCODER OPTIONS, set an ID in the red box from 1 to 128, 0 means automation is disabled and it’s the default value. 

Once you set the parameter number, move the parameter so it is being recognized by the DAW (like you would normally do automation without the MPH) and that’s it. You can only use one automation ID per encoder. If you enter an automation ID number (1 to 128) that is already used you will get a pop up notifying you where that id is being used so you can use another one. When saving a multi host preset the automation IDs are not saved in the preset.

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Update: In the v16-2d9a51a2--H2023-12-19--B2023-12-19 version of the MP Host, it reports the names of the plugin parameters to the DAW for automation.

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