14. M-Plugins on the Mac

Modified on Sun, 11 Feb at 2:30 AM

Generate M-Plugins as Audio Units on the Mac

This feature is only available when loading MPH Single host (and in the near future on the multi host) as an AU and hosting AU third party plugins.

When you host an AU third plugin in an AU instance of the MPH in a new folder (which is displayed as a Category in MPH menu), you will see the option in the MPH Menu (right click in main window > Presets) to see the option Create Plugin. This will create a new .component file (AU) that can be seen by the DAW as a new plugin.

Creating a new M-plugin is useful because when loaded in the DAW directly it will show the name that you chose.

This plugin's name will always start with "M-" so the file name of the plugin generated will be  

M-the_name_you_entered.component.  (You don't need to write the M-)

M-plugins have the exact same  functionality as the MPH.

Once you create a new M- plugin, scan for your plugins in your DAW or in case of Logic Pro X reopen Logic and it will scan and find the plugins. (new AU plugins need to register with Mac OS so sometimes, depending on the DAW a reboot may be necessary).

This M- plugin has all the settings, mappings, and references to the third-party plugin. It can be recalled from the MPH Menu or your DAW.

The default xml preset for the M-plugin saved in the .component file is the xml preset you have created. So, when you load the M-plugin, it will open the xml preset you created, without having to load another preset. Last, you can load other presets in the M-Plugin, because like mentioned before, the functionality is exactly the same as the single MPH.

Update M- AU Plugins

This is an option in the main window menu, that should only be used when you have installed an updated version of the MPH. When selected it will place the new version of the MPH in the M- plugin  .component files. When you download a new version of the MPH, click on Update M-Plugins option and it will update all your M- plugins to the newest MPH version. 

After the update you will see a report of all the plugins updated to the version updated.


M-plugins are not being created

If the M-files are not being created in the Audio Units directory, (you cannot see the newly create M- plugin in the Finder) it is because the OS permissions do not allow the MPH to write the new M-file. 

To solve this run in a terminal

sudo chmod 777 /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/

It will ask for your Mac password, type it and hit enter. 

There should be no output on the terminal and you may close it. 

Reopen Logic and try to create the plugin again.

M-plugins not loading in the DAW

If you have migrated to a new Mac, and copied over the plugins from the previous Mac, it may cause Mac OS to prevent opening M- plugins due to permissions.

Run in a terminal:

sudo chmod -R 777 /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/M-*.component

It will ask for your Mac password, type it and hit enter. 

There should be no output on the terminal and you may close it. 

Reopen Logic Pro X or the DAW and try to load the M-plugin.

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