17. Windows Unified Option

Modified on Mon, 29 May, 2023 at 2:37 AM

In Version 1.5 v15-cbd30f8--H2021-07-27--B2021-07-27 we introduced a new checkbox option "Windows Unified" on the big MPH Window. When it is unchecked (default), the hosted plugin has its own Window instead of being inside the MPH Window. If checked, the hosted plugin will open inside the MPH existing Window. 

After you check the box, right click anywhere on the black area of the MPH big Window to display the menu.

Click again to hide the menu and this will reload the GUI of the hosted plugin and the change will take effect.

This "Unified Window" option is helpful if you are using multiple 4k monitors and you encounter the hosted plugin to appear outside the controller monitor. It ensures that the hosted plugin will always be where the MPH is.

This option is saved in a plugin preset so next time you recall your preset it will be part of it.

The default value is "unchecked".

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