1. Windows - "Controller Not Connected" message

Modified on Mon, 20 May 2024 at 02:30 AM

If you get this message on the MP Host software plugin, first, ensure you have disabled the MIDI and OUT of C1-xMP1 in the DAW as instructed here 

Then do the following:

  1. Connect the USB cable provided directly to the computer USB-A port (not USB-C) from the USB-C MIDI port on the controller.

    The MIDI port works independently from the other ports of the controller - Display & HDMI -  so it does not matter if these are connected or not.

  2. Go to Device Manager and check that the C1-xMP1 shows up

Also check that the device is enabled in the device manager.

If it does not show up in the device manager, there is a connection issue and you may try a different USB-A to USB-C DATA cable or connect directly to the computer instead of through a USB hub or KVM switch. 

Connect the cable provided directly from the MIDI port of the controller, to the computer’s USB A port (not USB-C port).

If you are connecting to a USB-A port directly to the PC and it still does not show up in the device manager, you need to check the internal micro-USB cable that connects on the MIDI board. To get to that port, you need to unscrew the bottom cover.

If these steps do not solve the issue, send us an email at (support@mpmidi.com) to advise further on how to proceed.

  1. If the C1-xMP1 does show up in the device manager then check that you have completely disabled the MIDI IN/OUT of C1-xMP1 in the DAW, as instructed here

The midi drivers on Windows are exclusive, meaning only one application can use them at any time. If the controller is active (IN/OUT) in the DAW, disable and restart the DAW, then load the MP Host again. The problem should be fixed.

If it is disabled in the DAW, check that the C1-xMP1 is available and no other application is using it. You can use a free app like Midi View to check.

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