10. MP Host Favorites

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MPH Favorites

The Favorites screen has placeholders for favorite plugins, so that they can be loaded instantly using the touch function or mouse click. 

For every placeholder, an image can be selected to be displayed and an MPH preset. Clicking on touching on the placeholder’s area loads the MPH preset.

Right click on a box area in the Favorites window and select the placeholder’s favorite mph .xml file preset. The placeholder will take the name of the .xml preset file. 

Within the same menu you can select an image of your favorite plugin. You can take screenshots of your plugins (using your OS or other software) , save them as jpg on your computer and then select these screenshots via the Favorites menu to appear in each box. 

Note that the images selected will be automatically resized and then copied in the ~/MP/Host/Images/Favorites folder.

See video on how to create Favorites

Suggestion for taking screenshots:

Load up a plugin in the DAW or the MPH.
Take a screenshot of the plugin by pressing "print screen"
Then click the Save icon to save it on the desktop.
Then choose that saved image file to set it as a favorite background.


The favorites are separated into categories, each category has a placeholder in the top two rows of the favorite screen. The category placeholders can be renamed by right clicking and typing the name you want.

There are 16 categories of favorites and each category can carry 24 favorite plugins, in total 384 can be selected (384 for audio effects and 384 for instruments).

The favorites are separated for audio effects and instruments, so you can set different categories and favorites for audio effects and instruments.

The favorites screen can be optionally set to load on startup from the same right click menu.

The above options can be selected by right clicking on each of the favorites placeholders.

The favorites are stored in two separate files FXFavorites.xml and InstFavorites.xml in the ~/MP/Host folder.

Here is a demo video on favorites: https://youtu.be/pBWIjKpmD3M

Moving to a new Mac computer

In the case you will get a new Mac, copy the MP/Host folder to the new Mac (delete the hardware id and mph license files and get ones from the server). 

If your username is different from your previous Mac, you can open FXFavorites.xml and InstFavorites.xml files in a text editor and check that the path to presets is the same. 

You can change it by doing a find and replace ALL in the text editor.

For example on your previous Mac, it could be:

/Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/MP/Host/Presets/Comp/preset-name.xml

And on your Mac, if your username is different, then the absolute path will be different. You can replace the username with the current one for all favorites and the path will be correct again.

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