3. Model 1A+/2A Windows Configuration for the touch hardware

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1. Connect the USB cable provided on the USB-C Display port and the other end directly to a USB-A port on the PC. (The first time don’t use a hub but connect directly to the PC to eliminate the possibility of any incompatibility problems caused by the hub).

The HDMI should be connected as well, or else the display will automatically go to sleep mode.


No drivers are needed to be installed for Windows. The touchscreen is automatically installed by Windows.
After connecting, the touch should be working but sending the touch gestures on another display connected on the computer. This is normal and you will identify the touch screen in the next step.

2. If it is not responding to touch (even on another screen), check the Device manager to see if the following items show up. If they are not showing up, then this is a connection problem. Connect the USB cables provided directly on the computer USB 2 or USB 3 ports and check the device manager again. The touch screen will not work if it does not show up in the device manager.

3. Open the Control Panel in Windows. In the search type Tablet and click on Tablet PC Settings

If Tablet is not visible in your control panel here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the Desktop.

  • Right click on the Desktop and select New/Shortcut.

  • In the Type the location of the item window, Copy/Paste the following.

  • %windir%\explorer.exe shell:::{80F3F1D5-FECA-45F3-BC32-752C152E456E}

  • Click the Next button and type the name Tablet PC Settings.

  • Click the Finish button.

  • Double Click the new shortcut and it should open the Table PC Settings window.

4. Select HDMI (or however it shows up on your PC) and Choose Setup

Then a white screen will appear. Hit enter until you see it on the MP Controller’s display (don’t touch the MP Controller display until it appears on the MP Controller’s display)

The message will be:

The touch should now be functioning on the MP Controller’s display. Click OK on the control panel window to close it.

If you are having trouble identifying the touch screen, see this instructional video

Please note the magnification on Windows 10/11 should be set to 100% (if you have a different setting the MPH plugin or hosted plugins may look either too big or out of bounds, showing partially instead of full)

Troubleshooting the Touch function on Model 1A+

If the touch screen does not appear in the Device Manager then disconnect the MIDI cable and connect directly to a USB-A port of the PC (not via hub or Y-cable) the display using the cables we provided.

The display should power on and wait for the HDMI to be connected so that it can stay on.

If it cannot be powered on and it flickers/restarts that is due to not enough power from the USB port and in this case you can use the Y-cable or try it on another computer or port.

If it is powering on fine and still not showing up in the Device Manager and/or shows

then the problem is with the MP Controller’s internal USB-C port cable.

The only thing that is in between the touchscreen/LCD board is a short cable  which leads to the port on the device.

To bypass this port cable (it is a short cable USB-C male to USB-C female) one has to unscrew the bottom cover.

Then disconnect the USB-C from the board and connect it directly to the computer.

It should show up properly in the Device Manager.

Send us an email for a replacement USB-C port.

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