20. Audiogridder - MP Host: AG-MPH Guide

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Audiogridder - MP Host Integrated Guide

The Audiogridder project is an open source project that enables DSP processing of third party plugins outside the DAW. See here

We have created a modified version of the Audiogridder, called AG-MPH so that it works in an optimal way with the MP Controller.  See example videos Logic on Mac and Bitwig on PChowever the principle is the same for all DAWs.

To get the installer of the AG-MPH send us an email at hi@mpmidi.com

The latest AG-MPH version is v1.2.0-1328f91--H2023-09-08--B2023-09-09

Why did we make this?

Audiogridder, even when used on the same computer, utilizes much better the CPU and allows running more plugins than when running then directly in the DAW. In fact, on a recent test we did on a Mac M1, we found that we could run almost 3 times more - heavy on resources - Acustica plugins than when hosted the same plugins in Logic. (We were able to run 10 instances of an Acustica Eq plugin directly hosted in Logic. We were able to run 28 instances of the same Eq plugin via Audiogridder).

You can run the AG-MPH without additional latency by setting the buffer block size to 0, however for taking advantage of the DSP offloading we suggest to set it to 1 or 2 blocks of buffer size where the latency is hardly noticeable (that of course also depends on your computer and the DAW project you are running).

As the number of plugins loaded in Audiogridder increases, you may want to increase the buffer size (blocks) of the Audiogridder to avoid audio dropouts and the exact same applies when using the AG-MPH.

What we have changed

  1. After opening the AG-MPH plugin in the DAW, click on the + symbol and it will load an instance of the MP Host on the MP Controller. (It is required that you have the latest MP Host VST3 installed, Audio and Instrument plugins).

  1. The AG-MPH hides the small window of the MP Host, thus you don’t have an extra window floating.

  1. It automatically gets the name of the hosted plugin or preset from the MP Host and displays it on the AG-MPH slot.

  1. Selecting a plugin slot in the AG-MPH plugin automatically opens on the controller’s screen.

  1. We made the bypass coloring of the slot more obvious and now displays the word  “bypass”.

  1. The processing of DSP works and other settings/options, exactly as the original Audiogridder and we have not changed that.

  1. Switching from one instance of the AG-MPH to another, unlike the original AG, it un-highlights the current plugin slot and highlights the selected one. This applies when running the MPH host directly in the DAW. The two, AG-MPH and MPH single/multihost can be loaded in the DAW at the same time and switching from one to the other will un-highlight the previously selected slot.

  2. We added a Slot Selector. This allows to select plugins from the touch screen via the Select Slot button. To enable/disable the button from showing, uncheck the top-right box on the AG-MPH window. This is a universal option and it will affect all instances of the AG-MPH.

Prerequisites and Settings

You need to have the latest MP Host installed (after March 23, 2023) for the AG-MPH to work. The MP Host installer is not included in the AG-MPH installer. There are 2  separate installers.

You need to install the AG-MPH using the AG-MPH installer. It will install

  1. The AG-MPH server and AG-MPH plugin tray.

  2. On Mac, the AG-MPH VST3, AU and AAX, all universal binaries x64.

  3. On Windows, the AG-MPH VST3.

In Windows, the AG-MPH server is placed in C:\Program Files\AG-MPH\

Create a shortcut on your desktop or taskbar for convenience. 

On the Mac, it will place it in Applications.

For both Win and Mac, you only need to run the Server once. 


The plugin tray will automatically launch when you load the AG-MPH plugin in the DAW.

Check that you have these settings in AG-MPH Server (From the menu choose Settings)

Once you load the AG-MPH plugin in the DAW, click on "add server" and type in

This IP address ( is a universal address on all operating systems for the local machine. By adding this as the default server you ensure that the AG-MPH will always connect to the local machine via the fasted route (instead of going through virtual ethernets or your router).

Check that the MPH Single Instrument and Audio effect were found and scanned by the AG-MPH

Right click on the AG-MPH icon on the task bar while it is running. 

Select the option Plugins.

You should see the 2 MPH Single Plugins. If you see any other plugins in red font you can ignore them.

Knowhow and limitations

  1. You can have both Audiogridder and AG-MPH installed on the same computer, however, you cannot run Audiogridder server at the same time you run AG-MPH server. Only one server can run at a time.

  1. When using the AG-MPH server, it automatically loads the MP Host plugin VST3. You cannot load directly in AG-MPH any other third party plugins, but only through MPH.

  1. You need to run the AG-MPH server app and then the AG-MPH plugin in the DAW, just like the original Audiogridder.


  1. If you plan to run an AG-MPH server on another computer, then the MP Controller should be connected on that computer, because the server is the app that runs and displays the hosted third party plugin. You can run AG-MPH on a Windows computer while running the AG-MPH plugin on a Mac computer, just like the original Audiogridder. See Video

  1. Via the AG-MPH plugin, you can connect on an AG-MPH server in the same way you connect on an original Audiogridder server.

  1. On the Mac, you need to give the AG-MPH permissions in the Mac Accessibility settings, so that it does not complain when starting the server, just like the original Audiogridder. Press the + button in Accessibility and navigate to AG-MPH to add it to the list.

  1. Audiogridder server scans all plugins on start. This is an option you should disable from the Server settings. AG-MPH and the original Audiogridder share the same settings, so AG-MPH will not rescan your installed plugins. However, AG-MPH has been programmed to only scan the MPH Single Audio Effect and Instrument.

  1. The AG-MPH was built using the codebase from Audiogridder version 1.2.0 stable which is the latest as of May 2023. 

  1. The third party plugins are being hosted by the MP Host and the workflow remains the same as when using the MPH in the DAW including presets etc.

  1. You can install MP Host updates when we issue them, and it will continue to work normally with AG-MPH. There will not be a special edition of the MPH in order to work with AG-MPH.

  1. There is no additional CPU load when using the AG-MPH, compared to the original Audiogridder. There is no additional latency either when compared to the original AudioGridder.

  1. AG-MPH should be set to “Chain Isolation” mode on the server settings (which is already the default)

  1. We noticed that the AG-MPH AU does not load on Ableton on the Mac, however the same issue occurs with the original Audiogridder AU plugin. The Ableton Live's 11.2 log says “Failed to initialize the plugin”. This may not be the case on your Mac. The AU runs fine in other DAWs. The VST3 works fine in Ableton Live.

  2. Resetting the Audiogridder server settings on the Mac (by deleting the files) will reset the AG-MPH as well. To reset Audiogridder/AG-MPH go in your home folder and Press Command+Shift+Dot this will show your hidden folders. You will have a folder .audiogridder grayed out and delete it.

      16. How to Uninstall AG-MPH on Windows:

  • Delete the folder C:/Users/[name]/AppData/Roaming/AudioGridder or by navigating to %appdata% and then deleting the AudioGridder folder
  • Delete the folder C:/ProgramFiles/AG-MPH and C:/ProgramFiles/AG-MPHPluginTray
  • Delete the folder of plugins  from C:/ProgramFiles/Common Files/VST3/AG-MPH

17. When using Wavelab, for the AG-MPH plugin to connect to the server, an audio file needs to be imported in Wavelab and press play. See video here

Setting Permissions for AG-MPH server on the Mac

If you see this message when you start AG-MPH

Go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Accessibility

Click the + sign and add AG-MPH

Restart AG-MPH

Troubleshooting on the Mac

If you see an error, it may be that the VST3 plugin cannot be accessed by the AG-MPH.

AG-MPH works with MP Host VST3.

Quit the AG-MPH server.

Check that the MPH Host VST3 is installed in your VST3 folder.

If yes, let's reset the permissions, in a terminal run
sudo chmod 777 -R /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3
and it will ask for the password, enter it and it should return nothing.

Then reset Audiogridder/AG-MPH go in your home folder and Press Command+Shift+Dot this will show your hidden folders. 

You will have a folder .audiogridder grayed out and delete it. 
Then start the AG-MPH server and check that the plugin is listed:

When you reset AG-MPH, you need to check the server settings and set them again as described in the section above.

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