2. Mac - License not Found

Modified on Thu, 28 Dec 2023 at 12:43 AM

The “License not found” will appear if you have an invalid mph.license and invalid hardware.id file. 

One possible cause is that you are using a license generated for another computer (if for example you transferred all your data from your previous Mac). See here.

You should not copy hardware.id and mph.license files from other computers.

Delete the hardware.id file and run the MP Host in the DAW to generate a new hardware.id file.

Generate and download the mph.icense file from the activation server by uploading your new hardware.id file. It should solve the problem.

Last, if you believe your license is generated ok, on the new Mac computer, strict permissions may be the issue.

You can try the following in a terminal

sudo chmod 777 ~/Library/Application\ Support/MP/Host

It will ask for your password and then enter.

Then try opening the MPH again.

Please note that if the license is not found, then it will not allow the hardware to be connected to the MP Host software.

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