3. Mac - Model 1A: Troubleshooting the Touch Function

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UPDD needed for Mac OS Catalina and Onwards

The touchscreen works as mouse input, therefore when you touch the screen it gets the mouse cursor. If you touch and drag, it behaves in the same way as clicking and dragging with the mouse. 

In Mac OSX Catalina 10.15.4, Apple replaced the way hardware interacts with the OS.  It introduced the new Driverkit and replaced the traditional Kexts with Dexts.

You can get the Mac OS software from https://touch-base.com/controllerbyte and you can also download a demo to try it prior to purchasing. 

There are 2 possibilities for why the touch screen is not working on the Mac (while video is being displayed and the monitor is ON):

1. Is a software issue with the UPDD software on the Mac. (Usually this is due to permissions) OR

2. A connection issue.

To find out what is going on,  first check under USB in the System Report: Multi-Touch by G2TSP (the touchscreen hardware. The C1x-MP1 is the MIDI Controller hardware.

The two devices (G2TSP and C1-xMP1) work independently and are not related to each other. The C1-xMP1 does not need to be connected for the touch screen to work.

This test app was created for convenience, it just detects the G2TSP touch hardware and displays it, just as it would on the System Report. Therefore, opening the System Report or the test app is the same.

If you can't see the G2TSP in the test app, then it means that there is a connection problem. 

The only port on the MP MIDI Controller that affects the touch function is the Display Port on the Controller. The only cable that affects the touch function is the USB cable connected to the Display Port and on the Mac computer on the other end.

If connected via a usb hub, try to connect it directly on the Mac.

Use the 1m cables provided with the controller. 

If your controller came with 2m cables, the best cable to use from the market is the 1m Amazon Basics Cable USB 3.1 Gen 2. Here are links for: USAUKGermany

The best recommended connection method is using HDMI and the provided USB-C to USB-A cable directly connected on the Mac. (When the HDMI is disconnected the display goes to sleep in 3 seconds)


If you see the G2TSP in the test app or system report, then run the diagnostic from Touch Base and email it to their support address.

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