Setting the permissions on the Remote Script Folder on the Mac

Modified on Thu, 07 Mar 2024 at 09:34 AM

You can set the permissions using the MacOS terminal or a free utility called BatChmod.

Using BatChmod

Download BatChmod from

Right click on Ableton Live 11 or 12 Suite folder in Finder, and choose 

Show Package Contents

Navigate to:

Drag the AbletonMPH folder onto BatChmod grey area, and set the permissions as:

Click Apply, it will ask for your password. Enter it and click Apply.

Quit BatChmod.

Using Terminal:

To set the permissions via terminal, open MacOS terminal and run the following command in terminal:

Before you run the command in terminal ensure that your terminal has full hard drive access is Settings > Full Disk Access 

For Ableton Live 11:

sudo chmod -R 777 /Applications/Ableton\ Live\ 11\\ Remote\ Scripts/AbletonMPH

For Ableton Live 12:

sudo chmod -R 777 /Applications/Ableton\ Live\ 12\\ Remote\ Scripts/AbletonMPH

It will ask for your password. Type it and hit enter. The permissions are now set.

If you have AL open, then close it and reopen it. 

Then check in the AL SettingsControl Surface dropdown that the Ableton MPH is visible and select it.

If it is not listed, you can try on allowing Full Disk Access to Ableton.

If you have Ableton Live open, then close it and reopen it and check in the settings that the Ableton MPH is visible and select it:

Please note, it is assumed that Ableton is installed in the Applications folder of the Mac, if not you just need to move the Control Surface script installed under Applications in the Ableton Live folder and then set the permissions to where Ableton is installed, for example

sudo chmod -R 777 /PATH TO WHERE ABLETON IS INSTALLED/Ableton\ Live\ 11\\ Remote\ Scripts/AbletonMPH

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