8. Troubleshooting further on the Mac the C1-xMP1 MIDI Controller

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The C1-xMP1 is the midi device of the MP Controller.

It should be connected with a USB-A interface on the Mac and does not require any drivers to be installed as it is a USB MIDI class compliant device.

Before you troubleshoot further, if you are connecting the C1-xMP1 on a USB-A port of your Mac and it does show up in the System Report, but not in the MIDI Studio, try connecting it via a USB-C docking station like this that has USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports.

If it does show up in the System Report but it still does not work properly then try the following 

Create a new configuration in Mac's MIDI Studio 

Click on the dropdown:

Then select New Configuration. This will reset the MIDI studio

You will see the connected MIDI devices 

Double click on the C1-xMP1 and you should see that the device is online

Using the Console to diagnose

The Mac has a build-in Console that shows logs of when hardware connects to the computer.

Open the Console

Type in the search area: icdd, hit enter and then click on Start

Disconnect the C1-xMP1 cable from the Mac and then connect it again (always on a USB-A port). You should see the following data being populated on the Console.

If you don't see this data then click Pause, then on Clear and then on Errors and Faults

Disconnect the C1-xMP1 and click on Start. Then connect the C1-xMP1.

Check if there are any errors related to C1-xMP1 that appear on the Console.

If there are errors it means there is an issue with the connection. If you are connecting via USB-A and it is still producing errors, you can try using a USB Hub or USB-C docking station that has USB-A ports.

Bypassing the internal USB Port

Last, you can try to bypass the internal port of the C1-xMP1 and connect it directly using a microUSB to USB-A DATA Cable like this

Please note that not all microUSB cables are data cables. Many are just charging cables and these will not work. Ensure you are using a data cable.

Open up the bottom cover by unscrewing the bottom screws. 

Disconnect the microUSB cable from the C1-xMP1 and connect the cable. 

Pass it through the bottom rack mounting hole of the Model 2A.

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