1. Display and Touch Setup

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Display Setup on the Mac

The resolution of the monitor should be set to 1920 x 1080. 

if it is not set automatically by the OS, you can set it manually under Settings > Displays.

Set the monitor as external display in Displays on the Mac. (not mirror)

The monitor frequency should be automatically set to 60Hz. 

In some cases, the Mac OS may set it to 75Hz and this will cause the display to not be able to show any video. The refresh rate settings on MacOS are hidden — In Display Settings, be sure to hold the Option key when clicking "Scaled" to see the refresh rate option.

How To Turn The Menu Bar Off, On External Displays

System Preferences > Mission Control. Displays Have Separate Spaces will be selected. Simply deselect. See in detail here

Reveal All Possible Screen Resolutions for a Display Connected to a Mac

  • Open System Preferences from the  Apple menu in Mac OS X

  • Click on “Display”

  • Under the ‘Display’ tab, hold down the OPTION / ALT key while you press on the ‘Scaled’ button alongside Resolution to reveal all available screen resolution options for the display

  • Choose the resolution desired from the complete list of available screen resolutions, then close out of System Preferences as usual

See in more detail here

Optional: Model 1A+/2A Touchscreen detection in System Report

Check in the System Report under USB, that the touchscreen shows as on the image below. If it does not show up, it is a connection issue. Connect the USB-A to USB-C cable provided directly on the Mac. 

(not through a hub or docking station or the Y-cable) and reload the System Report

For further troubleshooting see here

Optional: Model 1A Touchscreen detection in System Report 

Here is how it should look in your System Information when both MIDI and Touch are connected. If it does not show up, it is a connection issue. Connect the cable provided directly on the Mac (not through a hub or docking station or the Y-cable) and reload the System Report

Troubleshooting - monitor does not stay ON

MP Controller’s display is flickering (does not stay powered). It means the monitor is not receiving enough power. You have these options:

- use a different USB port from the computer that provides more power, 

- use shorter USB cables (1m recommended cables here in section USB-C to USB-A )

- use a powered USB hub

- use a Y-cable (Model 2A has an additional power USB-C port for the Display)


  1. Use the 1m USB-C cables we provided if you are using other longer cables.

  2. Connect directly to the USB port of the computer if you are connecting it via a hub.

  3. The monitor can also be powered via a wall power adapter (a 10 Watt or more, 5V,2A) phone charger can power on the monitor however if you connect the USB-C Display port of the controller directly to a wall adapter the touch function will not work because touch data is transmitted via that port. 

To use a wall adapter to power the monitor and have the touch function working use a Y-cable 

Troubleshooting the Touch function

The Touch is not showing in the System Report and Touch function is not working.

Connect the cable provided directly on the Mac’s USB port. 

Don’t use the Y-cable or a hub or docking station.

Connecting it directly on the Mac’s USB port and then open the System Report.

It should show up under USB, regardless if you have UPDD installed or not.

Model 1A: Getting “No Signal” and then “Power Saving”

If you see a No Signal it means the monitor is powered properly.

If after the “No Signal” you see “Power Saving” it means that the monitor is not receiving video signal from the HDMI port and goes to power saving sleep mode.

In most systems you need to connect the USB-C cable first and then the HDMI to provide video signal

If you have the HDMI connected, disconnect and reconnect it to initiate the video signal from the computer to the controller’s monitor

If you are getting “No Signal” and then “Power Saving” when connecting with a USB-C to USB-C cable then it means the monitor is receiving enough power, but not video signal. Connect the HDMI.

Model 1A UPDD Notifications

If you are getting frequent notifications from updd

Issue this command in a terminal on the Mac and the notifications will stop

upddutils nodevice set minimum_notify_level 2

Using a sylus or pen for the touchscreen:

The touch screen does not work a stylus but it does work with pens that have a rubber tip
These are Capacitive Stylus Pens, as this one

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